Workover Rig

SPC-600HW workover rig is a multi-functional truck mounted well servicing rig used for well servicing and drilling. The main parts of the workover rig are installed on the chassis of "HOWO”6×6 truck with all driving wheels. It can be used for the drilling work of water well and shallow oil well, and also can be used for the work of shallow oil well minor repairing and formation testing. Our company is a well-knownChinaworkover rig supplier; we have various high quality products for sale.


Model:SPC-600HW Multi-functional Truck Mounted WellServicing Rig

Chassis :"HOWO”6×6 Drilling depth: 600m
Diameter of hole: holeφ500
Rotation speeds of rotary table: Normal 27、49、80、131、208rpm Reverse 35 rpm
Kelly: 108×108×8000mm
Power source: BF6L913C (141KW)
Height of mast: 11、13、15m
Maximum load of mast: 28T
Maximum load of hook: 24T
Hoisting speed of Main hook:0.22m/s;0.57m/s
Depth of minor repairs: 1500m
Weight: 25t Dimensions(in transportation status): 12000×2500×3995mm