1. People and livestock drinking water
2. Farmland irrigation
3. Water source development


1. Drilling water wells
2. Industrial production water supply
3. Mine ventilation holes, Precipitation hole
4. Oil exploration
5. Drilling geothermal wells
6. Road construction pile foundation
7. Geological explorations
8. Hydrogeological exploration
9. Road construction
10. Underground tunnel exploration

The characteristics

1. Truck or trailer type water well drilling rig is convenient and flexible for moving. All devices are installed on the chassis, which is convenient for integration and movement. It adopts cross-country vehicle chassis to adapt to bad road condition.
2. Comprehensive design makes the machine work steady in extremely harsh climate.
3. For the high integration degree, preparation work before operation is quick and convenient.
4. The rig is equipped with pressure guiding device to improve the drilling efficiency, to save the construction cost, and to accelerate the drilling speed.
5. It is applicable to the field of metallurgy, geology, petroleum, coal, water conservancy, forestry, troops, building materials and so on.
6. It is suitable for operating in clay layer, sand layer, gravel layer, gravel layer, bed rock, etc.
7. Water well drilling rig adopts all hydraulic top head drill, which greatly improve the drilling efficiency.
8. All rigs all adopt full hydraulic control, which is simple and convenient.
9. It is featured with low maintenance cost.
10. Our drilling equipments are accredited by the ISO9001:2008 certification, military enterprises certification and the implementation of national and military standards.

Foreign performance:

Exporting countries and regions since 1977 are as follows: South America, Africa,Afghanistan,Iraq,Kyrgyzstan,Uzbekistanand other Central Asia,Russia,Kazakhstan,Mongoliaand other countries. There is also a close cooperation between us and China Aerospace Technology Group International ltd. After decades of accumulation, we learned the demands and special requirements of overseas customers. According to the specific conditions of different countries and regions, we optimized our products to make them more efficient in the actual trial. After years of overseas sales, we fully understand the actual needs of the various countries and regions.