SPT-600 Water Well Drill Rig

SPT-600 trailer mounted water well drilling rig is used for farmland irrigation, drinking water and industrial water supply. Its main parts are installed on the "YAN SHAN" Trailer chassis. The machine can be equipped with both diesel engine and motor. SPT-600 trailer mounted water well drilling rig adopts direct cycle drilling mode to realize air DTH hammer drilling. By the usage of pressure device and hydraulic control, the drilling efficiency of the drilling equipment is greatly improved. Our company is a well-knownChinadrilling equipment supplier, we provide high quality drilling equipment with different specifications to satisfy your needs.


The shape size:
The whole machine weight
Drilling aperture:500MM The drilling depth:600M
Kelly: 108×108×7500MM Hole drill pipe: φ89

Drill chassis parts
① Chassis: YanShan
② Wheelbase 9310MM+1310MM

The mast section
① MODEL: Truss type
② Load: 35T
③ Height:11M

power part
Electric motor model: STC-30
Power 30KW
Mud Pump Model BW1100 mud pump
maximum pressure 5 MPa
maximum pump discharge 1100L/min
Rotary table gear box Output speed (r/min) Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ IV V reversal
27 49 80 131 208 35
Main hoist ① Single rope tension 4410KG
② Winch rope capacity (m) 130/φ19.5
Rotary table Rotary table through hole diameter (mm) Φ505
Remarks: Speed parameters see Rotary table gear box
The rig can be installed 30KW generator After the installation of generator, can be used as electric welding, lighting, and other useful life.