Rock Core Drilling Rig

YZC-500 Vehicle-carried rock core drilling rig is the newly research of our company which is designed for XY-44 rock core drilling as the major equipment. All parts of the drilling rig are installed on the "HOWO”6*6 carrying car. The core drilling rig mainly works with normal mud circulation for its drilling progressing. Reverse air drilling can be realized when equipped with proper auxiliary devices. YZC-500 Vehicle-carried rock core drilling rig could be applied into diamond small caliber drilling in the prospecting of metal or non-metal solid ore deposit; it could also be used for the large caliber alloy drilling. In parallel, it could but used for the prospecting of hydrology, water well, oildom and the construction of technical bore. Our company is a well-knownChinacore drilling rig supplier; we provide high quality drilling equipments for sale.


YZC-500 Vehicle-carried Rock Core Drilling Rig

Drilling Depth:1300m-400m Drilling machine: XY-44
Drill Rod Diameter:ф50. ф60, ф73, ф89(mm)
Speeds of big throughhole: Forward: 80,148,212,308(rpm)
Forward: 247,456,650,945(rpm)
Reverse: 66,201(rpm)
Forming of Mechanical Axis: 600(mm)
Max. Upward Lifting Power of Mechanical Axis:120(kN)
Max. Downward Lifting Power of Mechanical Axis: 90(kN)
Hoist Single Cable Tension: 45(kN)
Move Forming of Backward Oil Cylinder: 460(mm)
Effective Height of Drilling Tower: 12.2(m)
Effective Load of Drilling Tower: 200(kN)
MudPump Model: NBB-250/6A
Mud Pump Power: 30(kW)
Drilling Rig Power Source: Weichai R4105P 45Kw
Dimensions: 13200×2500×4190 Weight: 24(t)