SPC-300D(6×4) Water Well Drill Rig


SPC-300D (6×4) water well drilling rig truck is truck mounted water well rig. Its main parts are mounted on the chassis of "Dongfeng” EQ1141 type 6×4 truck. Both diesel engine and electromotor can be added on machine as power. SPC-300D (6×4) water well drilling rig truck adopts direct cycle drilling mode to realize air DTH hammer drilling. It adopts pressure device and hydraulic control, which greatly enhance drilling efficiency. SPC-300D (6×4) water well rig is widely applied in agriculture irrigation and drinking water supply.


SPC-300D(6×4)Water Well Drilling Rig Truck

The shape size:
The whole machine weight
Drilling aperture:500MM The drilling depth:300M
Kelly:108×108×7500MM Hole drill pipe :φ89
Drill chassis parts ① Chassis:DONGFENG
② Driving method:6×4
The mast section ① Type: Van
② Load :15T
③ Height:11M
Diesel power part Diesel engine model: F6L912 OR 6135AN
air patenting water-cooling
Power/Speed Power/Speed
74KW 2300r/min 100KW 1500r/min
maximum torque / speed maximum torque / speed
345NM 1600r/min 647NM 1250r/min
Mud Pump Model BW900/25 mud pump
maximum pressure 2.5 MPa
maximum pump discharge 900 L/min
required power 52 Horsepower
suction pipe diameter Φ102 MM
diameter of the drain pipe Φ64 MM

The guide pull down mechanism
The maximum pull down 2000 KG
Pull down stroke 1000 MM
guide rod diameter Φ50 MM
Pull down doe rope diameter Φ9.3 MM
Rotary table gear box Output speed (r/min)
Ⅰ Ⅱ Ⅲ reversal
52 78 123 40
Main hoist ① Single rope tension 3000KG
② Drum diameter: φ273MM
③ wirerope diameter Φ15.5MM
④ rope capacity 120M
43 85 122

Include Vice winch, tool winch
Vice winch ① Single rope tension 2000KG
② Drum diameter: φ268MM
③ wirerope diameter Φ15.5MM
④ rope capacity 120M
21.5 42.5 61
winch tool ① Single rope tension 2000KG
② Drum diameter: φ268MM
21.5 42.5 61

control panel
All hydraulic operation, the source of power for hydraulic pump,convenient and efficient

rotary table
Rotary table through hole diameter (mm) Φ505
Remarks:Speed parameters see Rotary table gear box
The rig can be installed 30KW generator After the installation of generator, can be used as electric welding, lighting, and other useful life.
The rig can also be provided with the motor and starting cabinet as power, and can power, diesel dual.